Cafè Safado – Electrobrasil

Cafè Safado is the result of the talent and the work of 3 succesful composers and producers: Filippo Manni, Riccardo Cavalieri and Stefano Maggio made top professional experiences and collaborations through the years from chart topping main artists to Tv Shows & Music.

Now the first Cafe Safado Studio Album “Electrobrasil” is published with iconic italian label IRMA RECORDS. Happiness and joy of brazilian music is melt together with modern sounds and orchestral flavour.

Café Safado’s songs and productions are already present with great success in many samplers around the world (Chill out Café 10, Freak Do Brazil-Meu Goleador, Gusto Latino, ecc.) and in the international Tv Jogabola-Nike Spots with top football player Ronaldinho.


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